Rethink Data

Sibdo is not just another business intelligence tool.

It allows you to rethink the way that you use, share and analyse information across your organisation.

Sibdo makes data analysis easy for everyone.

For Enterprises

Your users need to make informed decisions to run their business without having to be analytics gurus.

Sibdo Space and Sibdo Server empowers users of all levels to use data in the way they have always wanted.

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For ISVs

Do you have a great software product but your analytics offering is letting you down?

Our Sibdo technology can rapidly hook up to your applications and provide your clients with the analytics they need to run their business.

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For IoE

Timing is everything… As an emerging technology Sibdo prepares to power the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things will result in an explosion of data from connected devices. Sibdo analytic objects enable efficient processing of all that data.

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For Developers

Why use static visualisations when you can embed highly interactive content into your web pages in a fraction of the time?

The Sibdo JS library enables rapid development of your own dashboards and analytic apps by doing the heavy lifting for you!

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New thinking. New Sharable Data Object

We call it a Sibdo.

Drag Drag
1. Drag Sibdo 1 onto Sibdo2 – Notice how the data instantly combines. The Sibdo identifies common patterns in the two data sets and mashes it together automatically
2. There’s more! Drag the CSV* file onto either Sibdo. The Sibdo analyses the file and sucks out anything it recognises as data, mashes it with the target data and visualises it.

Some interesting facts about sibdos:

  • Sibdos are rendered in one line of HTML code
  • Sibdos can convert units and currencies in an instant
  • Sibdos can be shared across email, instant messaging and most interestingly as URL links