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Artificial Intelligence that Interprets and Recommends

Sibdo Smart Data automatically determines the shape of your data suggesting suitable visualisation and analysis options, dramatically reducing the time to gain value from your data.

Rapid Querying, Filtering and Analysis

Easily access multiple data sources using Sibdos internal and external catalogue. The Sibdo catalogue rapidly adapts to your continuous changing uses of data without redesign, removing complexity so that you can make faster decisions.

Easily Share Your Findings

Share the latest information with your company, clients and suppliers wherever they may be. Sibdo has been built for mobile and enables teams to be kept up to date with the latest information so they can make better and informed decisions on the go.

Sibdo Deployment Options

  • Desktop Edition

    Standalone Windows Application

    Individual users create interactive content and share with many
    • Local Install - no server required
    • Create unlimited dashboards
    • Share with many via Reader
    • Add narrative and context
    • Connect with 3rd party APIs
    • Mobile option available
  • Interactive Reader

    Web Browser

    Enables users without Sibdo Desktop to view and interact with reports
    • FREE with Sibdo Desktop
    • No install required
    • Same great look and feel
    • Interactive discovery
    • Built in analytics
    • Read only
  • Server Edition

    On-Premise Server With Browser Clients

    Multiple users and centrally managed analytics and security
    • Multi user license
    • Create unlimited dashboards
    • Add narrative and context
    • Connect to multiple databases
    • Role based security
    • Mobile option available
  • Mobile Option

    Cloud Hosted or On-Premise

    Interactive content and dashboards on phones and tablets
    • HTML5, no app required
    • Available for Desktop or Server
    • Same great look and feel
    • Interactive discovery
    • Built in analytics
    • Simple URL delivery

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